Diligence and research pays off!



I had a friend who had a wonderful experience working with Bruce Tramley, and recalling this conversation, gave Bruce a call. He was one of 3 agents we had coming to the house.

On Bruce’s first visit, he seemed to have a genuine interest and appreciation for my home.  He saw all of the positives and he was honest about what he felt we could upgrade that would help sell the house.

On his second visit, he seemed to have done due diligence and research on homes comparable to my home, and even gave my home higher qualifications than those that were the same; once again seemed to truly love the home.

Bruce’s price was $25,000.00 higher than that recommended by other agents; however his genuine interest and ease of conversation won him the house!!

Imagine my surprise….I accepted an offer on my house after it only being on the market for 3 days!!!!  SOLD!!

Bruce not only guided us in the sale of the house, but then again on what to do when sold, he was truly honest, accessible, and easy to talk with…but always professional.

I truly recommend that you give Bruce a call, you will not be disappointed!   ~ Louise Doucet


Communication skills

Bruce is an excellent communicator & a credit to the Sutton Group.
Bruce exceeded all of our expectations!

We selected Bruce to help us find a home due to his experience, the breadth of his listings and his outstanding communication skills.  He carefully guided us through numerous properties keeping in mind our wants and needs.  We are very satisfied with the entire experience and would recommend Bruce wholeheartedly & without reservation.  ~ Steve Giffin & Lyne Laurin

Tenacity, Integrity, Experience

Bruce successfully sold my home. He is a communicator that knows how to listen, adaptive to your needs, has the gift of good timing and patience, integrity, tenacity, and has 20+ years experience in the real estate market. "Thank you Bruce!”    ~  Roxanne Snow

She wrote to my boss !!

I had to share this letter to Sutton's Broker/Owner Adam Hennigar - and this was before I personally brought the buyer for the Granite Cove Drive home! Thank you Barb and Norm for your trust and continued support of my business!       ( I edited out the 'other' company name )

Hi Adam:

We received a feedback survey for Bruce Tramley for the role he fulfilled as selling agent for our property at 2732 Fern Lane. I don't often complete surveys, but wanted to make sure you had our feedback about Bruce. I first met him when I purchased a property in 2013. He kept in touch with housing market updates and by just touching base occasionally. Bruce did this in such a way that it was not annoying or high pressure.

When I contacted Bruce again in 2016 I was feeling very anxious. I had a house (103 Granite Cove) that had been listed with another firm (xyz) and had been on the market for over a year. I didn't feel the 'xyz' agent was really doing anything to "sell" it. Once the listing was signed and the pictures were up, the 'xyz' agent did little else. When I put suggestions/questions to him, he (the xyz agent) sometimes didn't even get back to me. I listed with 'xyz' because I really like their website and thought the exposure would be good. Their lower commission fee was also attractive.

From the time I contacted Bruce in summer 2016, we have really come to trust his judgement, feel confident that he is working hard to help us achieve our goals of selling properties (Granite Cove, Bridges St. (my Mum's) and Fern Lane). His experience in the Halifax market, the contacts he has, his sense of the market, his creative ideas (staging, drone videos) and persistence (quite a few open houses) all reflect that he is the kind of professional agent you want handling your real estate needs. He is calm and respectful, recognizes potential issues and knows how to diffuse or address them.

We are happy for any of this to be shared with Bruce, or to use as you see fit.

Barb and Norm Pinsky

Families matter ...

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My pleasure Alex!

Bruce changed (improved) my opinion of the real estate profession.  ~  A. A. 

Priced over $100,000 above Sellers' hopes and sold it on the first day!

We met Bruce when we saw a house that we were interested in that was listed with him and decided to go with him because we liked his low pressure, calm attitude.  We bought 2 houses and sold 1 house with him and were extremely satisfied.  We respected his professionalism, integrity, patience & knowledge.    ~ Kim & Hans Kreuzer

Informative and accessible...

Bruce was very helpful and patient. I had loads of questions at all times of the day and he never once acted like "Oh! not her again". He was so good. ~  Denise Aucoin 

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